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Section : Weapon Sights/ Optics/ Scope Meprolight Night Sights ML-10776
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ML-10776 :
Brand : Meprolight
Section : Weapon Sights/ Optics/ Scope
Type : Night Sights
Id : ML-10776
Product Name : Tru-Dot Night Sight System for COLT GOV'T PISTOLS
Price :
4,500.00 Baht    
In Stock

The Meprolight ML10776 Tru-Dot 1911 Government and Commander Green Rear Night Sight offer low light performance unequaled among night sights. It renown for their quality performance. Get the Meprolight advantage with the brightest night sights available today. Meprolight sights is used and trusted by military personnel and law enforcement officials.

It offers a handgun sighting system for improved rapid instinctive aiming which requires no transition from day to night use. It adds no weight and occupies zero space - a critical concern in external pistol sight design. The night sights withstand prolonged immersion in commonly used solvents and cleaning compounds.

  • ML-20224
    Glock 17,19,20,21,22,23,34,35
    Price : 6,500.00 Baht
  • ML-11760
    Front Pin On Night sight for s&w J-frame
    Price : 3,500.00 Baht
  • ML-22770
    Smith & Wesson Tru-Dot Night Sight Set - K, L, And N Frame
    Price : 4,000.00 Baht
  • ML-10776
    Tru-Dot Night Sight System for COLT GOV'T PISTOLS
    Price : 4,500.00 Baht
  • ML-10129
    Tru-Dot Green Fixed Night Sight Set for Sig Sauer .40 S&W, .45 ACP
    Price : 4,500.00 Baht
  • ML-10220
    Tru-dot Green Night Sight em for Glock42.43 pistols
    Price : 4,500.00 Baht
  • ML-10224
    Tru-dot Night Set for Glock 9mm
    Price : 4,500.00 Baht
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